The Cat S61 smartphone is built to be rugged and robust, to take on whatever elements, challenges or tasks you throw at it. It’s the upgrade to your Cat S60; bigger, better, bolder than ever before.
We’ve taken the integrated thermal imaging camera from the S60 and given it an upgrade.
Its enhanced software makes the resolution of thermal images twice as good, it can now read temperatures up to 400°C and it can live stream thermal video back to base. And, there’s more.
It boasts an indoor air quality sensor to alert you to high levels of indoor air pollutants (VOCs) in your environment and it also comes with laser assisted distance measurement.
Let’s not forget its world leading IP68, Mil-Spec 810G rugged credentials – drop proof up to 1.8m, waterproof up to 3m for 60 minutes, including salt water, and resilient to all types of dust.
This tool is the most advanced, most skilled and most loyal partner you need to get any job done.
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